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Sports Performance Diet:
Nutritional strategies for athletes, addressing specific performance needs, recovery, endurance, hydration, and energy balance.
Clinical Nutrition Support: 
For individuals with health conditions, focusing on dietary interventions to manage and improve specific medical concerns like thyroid, diabetes, PCOD, etc.
Weight Management Diet:
Comprehensive plans for weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance, incorporating balanced and portion-controlled meals.
Plant-Based or Vegan Diet:
Balanced plant-based diets, ensuring clients receive adequate nutrients from non-animal sources.
Low-FODMAP Diet:
Tailored for individuals with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), focusing on reducing fermentable carbohydrates that may cause digestive discomfort.
Gut Health Optimization:
Specialized programs focusing on improving digestive health through nutrition, considering the gut-brain connection and its impact on overall well-being.


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