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About Sonal Sharma


Few years ago when I started my fitness journey, the goal was just to gain healthy weight, as I was too thin.
Being so slender, it was affecting my hormonal balance, my skin and my over all health. I consulted lots of doctors and was on medications for long time. This went on for years but with very little or no improvement. At times I started losing confidence in myself, I felt weak and frustrated.
I decided to take matters into my own hands. I rearranged my meals into a healthy diet and started training everyday. I gained weight in a healthy way and eventually all my health issues started resolving. My skin started glowing, I started to look so strong, toned and better than ever before. It made me feel confident! I improved my overall health, which medicines couldn't help me do. I quickly realized that fitness does not just make you stronger physically but also mentally. It is about being disciplined, dedicated and pushing and challenging yourself on a daily basis. Trust me, being strong mentally and physically will bring a positive effect in other areas of your life as well. 
When I was pursuing my graduation in Healthcare, I knew I wanted to do something that will help people to improve their lifestyle. I belong to a simple middle class family, where no girl had ever thought of being an entrepreneur. But my family has always been supportive towards my passion. Many other tried to discourage and stop me but the passion I have for fitness will never let me stop!! One thing I learned so far is, there's no such thing as 'Luck', you work hard for what you want and you'll definitely achieve it. Now, my aim is to help on others in their journey towards better health and to make them feel and experience the same magic. I want people to improve their health with simple lifestyle changes. Along with men, I also want women to understand the importance of nutritious food and workout. Because women go through lots of Mental and Physical changes throughout their lives. 
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for both men and women!

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